Our environmental responsibility is to reduce the environmental footprint of each and every one of our products. It starts with good design, prioritises animal welfare, sustainable low-impact production, material choice and sourcing, and not only avoiding damage to the environment but also repairing it. We consider the transportation and packaging of products and components at all levels of our operations. We always prefer to repair than replace, and will support your gear through our servicing program. The result: responsibly-made products with a long working life.

It is not just our gear we want to last: it is the places you take it to as well.



At its most simple, good design is functional, reliable, enjoyable to use, and has a long working life. We believe that people love and cherish well-designed equipment and mourn it when it’s gone, while its durability reduces both waste and environmental impact.

ONE PLANET’s focus on good design entwines functionality and durability. Equipment is designed for its specific conditions, use and purpose; materials are low-impact environmentally; and the product is repairable and serviceable over time. Functional equipment prioritises comfort and fit and is intuitive, with user-friendly, practical features.


We aim for a consistent approach to design that focuses on function and resists trends: we don’t develop new products to fit the latest style. This commitment to classic design also leads to longevity. Our designs utilise fixed specifications to maintain compatibility of components and parts between models.

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It is our responsibility to manage the environmental risks involved in procuring materials and components. We make specific, informed choices when sourcing materials to lower our environmental impact.

We prioritise Australian made and local suppliers as material produced in Australia must abide by local and federal environmental laws and meet manufacturing standards. Where possible, we collaborate with our suppliers to complete secondary and unique batch audits, as well as making personal visits on a regular basis. In all cases, we aim to develop long-term relationships with suppliers who support low-impact production. On some product ranges we use reclaimed fabrics and upcycled materials.

Read our Ethical Sourcing Standards here.

Material sourcing



When purchasing textiles and components we prioritise Oeko-tex and/or Bluesign certifications.

ONE PLANET will not tolerate any animal rights abuses in our business or supply chain.

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Our down is ethically sourced as a by-product from the food and meat industry. We source only from certified facilities and then audit every down batch with the IDFL (International Down and Feather Laboratory).

In our Melbourne factory we hold only our own audited batches of down, ensuring there no chance of cross contamination.



Sustainable leather sourcing

Although leather is seen as a by-product of the meat industry, we’re committed to ensuring our supply chain is sustainable and accountable through our Ethical Sourcing Standards.


Sustainable low-impact production sourcing

Sustainable low-impact production is central to our commitment to make the best gear, the right way. In both local and international manufacturing, we first focus on making sustainable material choices, then reducing production resources and increasing efficiency. Finally we carbon offset consumable resources with greenfleet*.

We design products after considering the resources needed, ensuring we maximise what is usable and reduce waste. Examples abound. Products are designed to maximise materials and reduce waste, with product patterns developed with consideration of fabric widths, and off-cuts re-used. All design and most of our manufacturing is completed in our Melbourne factory, where all electricity is ‘GreenPower’ accredited renewable energy. But before we use it, we have reduced our usage in myriad ways, such as upgrading and refitting our sewing machines to use energy-efficient servo motors. This means we not only use accredited renewable energy, but also less of it.


We believe low-impact production should:

  • reduce the inputs required for a solution
  • offset inputs where possible
  • use all inputs as effectively and efficiently as possible
  • reduce and recycle leftover outputs

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* Greenfleet is a leading not-for-profit environmental organisation committed to protecting our climate by restoring our forests. Greenfleet plants native, biodiverse forests that capture carbon emissions and help fight the impacts of climate change. Since 1997, Greenfleet has planted more than 9.4 million trees across 500 forests in Australia and New Zealand. As they grow, Greenfleet forests absorb carbon emissions, improve soil and water quality, and restore habitat for native wildlife, including many endangered species.Learn more about our practical climate action at www.greenfleet.org.au

Transportation and packaging

We rely on packaging to deliver products safely to our customer. We regularly re-evaluate our suppliers and work with them to increase the use of recycled and sustainably-sourced materials, ideally sourced locally. Where possible we also re-use and recycle packaging and point-of-sale material.

Our goal is for 100% of our packaging and print marketing to be able to be recycled or composted. We prioritise non print-based media marketing.

We order componentry and materials in bulk, prioritising sea freight. This minimises the carbon footprint of transport in our supply chain.

We calculate and carbon offset all staff travel to and from work, as well as for work purposes. (For example, deliveries between the factory and our shop in Melbourne’s Little Bourke Street.) We’ve been doing this ever since we moved to Sunshine West in 2005.

Paper is re-used, then recycled. We recycle cardboard, soft and hard plastics, steel and aluminium from the factory and office. We even recycle delivery boxes and B2B packaging where possible.

Repair and care

When you buy ONE PLANET gear, you’re not just buying our products, you’re enlisting our support for your adventures and the care and performance of your gear. Welcome!

We believe our responsibility towards your gear continues even after it leaves our factory, as does its potential environmental impact.

So no matter the age or working life of your gear, we’re happy to help with spare parts and servicing. A little TLC goes a long way towards keeping you safe, warm and happy in the outdoors, extending the working life of your favourite products and ensuring your gear performs well for years and years.

ONE PLANET products carry a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. For more information, please read through our warranty information.

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