Outdoor Education Packs & Bags

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Outdoor Education Packs & Bags

ONE PLANET® outdoor education packs and bags are the benchmark for the outdoor industry, with all packs and bags made in Melbourne. Refined over many years and innumerable hours in the field, they are comfortable and tough, designed to be taken on all sorts of adventures. They are also easy to use and fit (for both educators and students), with easy size selection and straightforward harness adjustments. We pride ourselves on nailing the little construction and design details, adding up to big differences.

WATERLOC® canvas packs are naturally extremely strong, durable, abrasion- and water-resistant. CORDURA® nylon packs are lighter in weight and hard wearing. Both are easy to clean, so your fleet stays looking professional. Learn more about cleaning and servicing here.

The HR Canvas and HR Nylon rucksacks use a harness with a fixed back, available in four sizes and a junior variant. These super durable pack are available in WATERLOC® canvas or CORDURA® nylon options. The HR Grommet is ideal for students in late primary school.

The High Plains Canvas and High Plains Nylon rucksacks use our famous EXACT FIT® harness. Endorsed by the Australian Chiropractors Association, it allows a more tailored and supportive fit. Available in both WATERLOC® canvas and CORDURA® nylon, it’s favoured by outdoor education institutions across Australia.

ONE PLANET® offers special, bulk-purchase pricing for schools and industry. Adding products to a quote request allows us to help with stock availability, pricing, customisation and more.


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Outdoor Education Packs & Bags

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Outdoor Education Packs & Bags

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