Fly Series

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Fly Series

Our Fly Series is made up of light, strong and simple tarps or overhangs. They give protection from the sun and rain in so many circumstances: as lunchtime hideaways, dining halls, large tent entrances, or as all-in-one ultralight shelters when combined with optional Bathtub Floors.

SANDFLY PRO: this ultralight fly is our most dynamic, versatile option. It’s three metres square – an ample size for one and tidy for a small party – and built from our favoured 15-denier sil/PU nylon.

Our Blue Fly series is designed for outdoor education programs. These tough, UV-resistant flies will protect you in any condition. They’re made from 75 D polyester with a PU waterproof coating and available in a range of sizes.

FLY BATHTUB FLOORS: with options for one, two or four people, our stand-alone bathtub floors have been specifically developed for lightweight journeys. Perfect for sleeping on under a fly.