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Specialist Polar Tents

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Specialist Polar Tents

ONE PLANET’s polar tent range is designed for expeditions into remote polar regions. Our range of polar tents and emergency shelters gives protection in challenging conditions and survival situations. They are designed to withstand relentless wind, burying snow, harsh sunlight, and bitter cold – the full range of weather in the world’s wildest locations.

POLAR DOME: designed for use in the world’s most inhospitable regions. The geodesic dome construction gives supreme stability in high winds, and there’s plenty of space for three expedition members.

POLAR DOME SURVIVAL: this smaller, lighter tent is suitable for emergency use in the world’s most challenging outdoor arenas. It combines the tried-and-tested Polar Dome design with a lighter fly material, creating an emergency shelter chosen by polar aviators, sailors and vehicle-based expedition members.

POLAR PYRAMID: made in Australia from Polar Canvas, these specialised shelters are designed for use as a home away from home for remote polar fieldwork. Available in Standard and Vestibule versions.

BOTHY BAG SERIES: instantly create a warm, dry, emergency shelter for up to 12 people. The Bothy Bag is ideal for mountain guides, rescue organisations and outdoor education leaders.

Specialist Polar Tents

Polar Dome 30D Survival


Specialist Polar Tents

Polar Dome 250D


Bothy Series

Bothy Bag 12


Bothy Series

Bothy Bag 2


Bothy Series

Bothy Bag 4-6


Specialist Polar Tents

Polar Pyramid