Pyramid Tents

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Pyramid Tents

Pyramid tents are light, quick-to-erect shelters that make tranquil solo tents or havens for weather-beaten groups. The steep walls give excellent internal space and prevent condensation build-up. Optional Footprints and Mesh inners extend the set-up options for our pyramid tents.

2MIDABLE: the 2Mid shelters two people, or more in a pinch. It’s available in ultralight Dyneema® composite fabric or durable 15 D nylon. With the optional bathtub floor, it is an insect-proof solo tent with plenty of storage.

4MIDABLE: blurring the line between a tent and a fly, this roomy, circus-style pyramid tent is practical and versatile. It can shelter groups at any time, in any conditions. The optional Mesh inner turns the party tent into a comfortable, screened shelter for two.

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