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ONE PLANET® is passionate about outdoor education. We have spent more than three decades perfecting our range specifically for outdoor ed, paying attention to every detail. With input from teachers and institutions, we have continually improved our gear, refining materials, design and manufacturing techniques. Built with a dedication to quality, our range includes backpacks, tents & flies, sleeping bags, rainwear, clothing and more.

We offer a bulk hire to expand your options, alongside professional fleet servicing and DIY advice to help maintain your fleet. Upon request, we can also supply outdoor education products from a range of brands.


We want industry professionals to enjoy their jobs, the wilderness, and top-notch gear. We offer pro-deals to individuals to support their work and help them experience the best products on the market. Please contact us to apply.



Our Outdoor Education range is built on our philosophy: ‘Make it good, make it work, make it last’.

The range centres on core products made well: tents, flies, sleeping bags, backpacks, rainwear and gaiters. Products include our classic HR and High Plains rucksacks, the Wurley tent series, Bushfly and Marchfly industrial tarp series, OESB synthetic and down sleeping bags, Hand-Wash Bag with Dribbler, map cases, Wangi rain jacket and Overpants, Venturi fleece, Wokstar stoves, Snake Gaiters, sleeping mats and more!

This range is designed with outdoor ed in mind, focusing on simplicity, durability and reliability. We appreciate the unique environments and situations of journey-based learning, and know how important quality equipment is for keeping young people (and educators!) safe, warm and comfortable in the bush.

We know durability is key, and design our gear to suit the conditions: harsh scrub, sun and teenager treatment. We understand what it’s like for leaders in the field, as well as in the gear shed and office, and aim to make life easy. Products are colour-coded by size, with different fits for kids and adults (men’s/boys’ and women’s/girls’) to suit your needs. Our intuitive, practical and innovative designs make ONE PLANET® equipment simple and comfortable for students to use, and easy for leaders to organise and fit.

It’s not just the multiculturalism, the accent, the attitude and the animals that set our region apart. It’s also the scratchy and scrambly terrain, the harsh sun and the weather extremes. We’re embedded here, and have developed our gear to keep you protected (and last for ages) in Australian conditions.

Durability is built into every product through fabric choice, construction method and design. Our range also uses fixed designs and specifications so that parts are interchangeable between new and old models. We have spares on hand (including tent flies, buckles and pegs), and service, clean, repair and refurbish equipment over its lifespan. This reduces the gear pool and means you don’t need to throw out a serviceable product because of one broken part.

The ONE PLANET® factory is in Melbourne. It is here where we look after our customers and products, as well as make most of our gear – backpacks, rainwear, gaiters, tarps/flies, duffles and various accessories. Our down sleeping bags are also filled to order and finished in our Melbourne factory.


At ONE PLANET®, we have years of experience tailoring our products to customers’ needs. We help to make organisations instantly recognisable by adding logos, improving experiences through design tweaks, or developing custom equipment for specific purposes. Minimum order quantities and longer lead time may apply.

Traditional owners


We acknowledge the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation as traditional owners of the land upon which we work. We recognise and respect the ancestors, families and elders – past, present and emerging – and extend this respect to all First Nations people.

ONE PLANET® gear is used throughout this country and the world. We encourage all people to pay respect to the First Nations people in the areas in which they live, work, explore and play.


It’s not just our gear we want to last: it is the places you take it to as well. We work to reduce the environmental footprint of each and every one of our products. This starts with good design, sustainable low-impact production and sourcing of materials, and considerations of animal welfare. We review packaging of products and their transportation. Where possible, we prefer to repair rather than replace, and will support your gear fleet through our servicing program. The result: responsibly-made products with a long working life. Learn more.

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Social respons


We have a social responsibility regarding our manufacturing: we aim to ensure that everyone who works on an ONE PLANET® product does so in a fair, safe and non-discriminatory working environment, regardless of their location. Our social responsibility to the wider outdoor community means promoting the outdoors as an accessible, safe, non-discriminatory place for all people. Read on.


The Australian Government’s Modern Slavery Act 2018 requires some entities (which may include larger schools or outdoor institutions) to report on the risks of modern slavery in their operations and supply chains, and to take actions towards addressing those risks. Read more about our practices and standard of manufacturing here.

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ONE PLANET® is dedicated to outdoor education. We believe that it provides a vital, invaluable part of wider education. You’ll find us at conferences, visiting schools and workplaces. We are proudly independent, Australian-owned and dedicated to local Australian manufacturing. We’re always up for a chat: get in touch to discuss your programs and requirements.