2Midable with Dyneema®


The 2Midable with Dyneema® is an ultralightweight, liveable shelter. At just 370 grams (minimum weight), it’s designed for serious play in the outdoors – and like all DCF shelters should be seriously well cared for!

The steep walls of the pyramid design give excellent internal height and space and help to manage condensation. It comfortably sleeps one and is versatile: transforming into an impromptu lunchroom, boardroom, emergency shelter, alpine refuge… With only four pegs and one telescopic pole, it’s quick to set up, with easily altered height to allow perfect ventilation. The fly doors roll back completely on both sides to create a three-sided ‘Mid with uninterrupted views.

We choose ultralight Dyneema® composite fabric (DCF; 12 g/m2) for minimum weight performance. DCF combines Dyneema® threads with a polyester film. Creating a material that is ultralight, and waterproof. We fabric-weld our seams for strength and water resistance.

Pair with the Bathtub Floor add luxury – or choose the more durable 2midable (15 D Nylon) for longevity.

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