Hot Sauce

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The Hot Sauce 50 L is for the natural thrill seeker, ideal for shorter, lighter, spicier journeys. Its recipe is simple but effective: in our Melbourne factory, we combine a body made from Diamondloc fabric (approximately 500 grams) with an EXACT FIT Mid Lite harness designed for a supportive carry (around 690 grams). The result is a delicious bag weighing only 1200 grams, and you can trim the fat further by removing the shock cord (15 g) and compression straps (35 g).

The roll-top style manages the heat: fill it to the brim or roll down to reduce. Water bottle, internal and front zipped pockets add depth, while our gear attachment system, hydration and add-on compatibility infuse variety. Grab the Hot Sauce and add some spice to your next three-course journey.

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