Our Footwear

We design foot wear to suit your journey, whether that’s up ridges and down spurs in the Australian Alps or trekking the ‘mean’ streets of Berlin.

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Our range of footwear includes a boot or shoe for almost every rucksack sport in the Antipodeans. Our shoes are crafted from nubuck leather for durability and long wear life. They feature a cushioning dual density mid sole attached to a Vibram outer sole.

Our boots are designed to assist you in carrying loads over distance. We have two offerings the Cobbler for shorter hikes up to 4 days with moderate pack weights and the Sturt boot which is designed for week long adventures with expedition weight packs. Our boots are stiffer than our shoes thanks to a full length nylon stiffening layer paired with a cushioning mid sole sitting atop a Vibram XS Trek outer sole.

All our foot wear features protective rubber ‘tanking’ around the toe area to protect toes from bumps and stubs.
Our range is designed to fit a typical Antipodeans foot. We understand that Aussies habits of wearing thongs and Kiwis wearing ‘jandals’ spreads the foot and as a result our foot wear accommodates this typical foot shape.



An Italian based company based in Albizzate, Vibram manufactures high quality outer soles for outdoor foot wear. Born from a disaster in the Italian Alps in 1937 where mountain climber’s deaths were attributed to inadequate foot wear. Vitale Bramni began prototyping a vulcanized rubber boot sole with rubber lugs. His invention was patented two years after the disaster and his soles which offer excellent traction on mixed terrain changed mountain climbing forever. To this day Vibram soles are some of the most used soles by mountaineers and adventurers across the globe.

Synapse Lining


ONE PLANET shoes and boots use a Synapse waterproof-breathable liner to keep your feet dry. The Synapse liner stops water entering yet allows water vapour (sweat) to escape keeping you comfortable.