Harness components

Shoulder straps

ONE PLANET shoulder straps are made up of many different materials, chosen for their specific properties.
Foams of different densities are used, and covered with a durable, low-sweat contact fabric. These materials undergo a complex process of pre-stretching and lamination, giving them shape and durability. This composite sandwich is anatomically shaped to follow the body’s contours and finished with wrinkle-free edges.

Our foams are made specifically for our hot climate: the closed-cell foam used in ONE PLANET rucksacks is a unique mix of EVA and EPDM and will not lose cell structure when exposed to even the hottest Australian sun. Although this may not be obvious when you purchase one of our rucksacks, after a couple of years of wear, the difference becomes apparent. ONE PLANET  harnesses just wear better!

Hipbelt and lumbar pad

ONE PLANET’s hipbelt and lumbar-pad systems are constructed from a composite of different densities of foam, giving them the comfort and fit required. High-density, closed-cell foam gives support, allowing even load distribution, while contoured open-cell foam is used for cushioning, and high-density polyethylene provides durability. This is covered by a hard-wearing, breathable contact fabric for a wrinkle-free surface. EXACT FIT hipbelts also have a propylene sheet insert that helps to transfer load over an increased surface area.
An emergency whistle is integrated into the sternum-strap buckle on all One Planet packs. This is useful for attracting attention in the bush, or deterring unwanted attention in the city.

Frames and endcaps

To ensure the frames meet our exacting standards, they are made from high-grade aluminium, custom-channelled to increase rigidity and reduce weight. Each batch is tested for stiffness, and every frame is shaped by hand using bending jigs. This allows us to reject frames with non-conforming tensile (also known as soft spots!) that occasionally slip through during the tempering process. ONE PLANET  frames are also finished with high-quality, non-crack endcaps and smooth anodised to protect the surrounding fabric: only a small thing, but it’s important to us.


For further details, watch our beautiful (and informative!) video.

ONE PLANET - Features And Construction Overview