How the Exact Fit harness fits

Imagine if clothing only came in small, medium and large sizes: anyone whose body shape fell outside these norms would be uncomfortable.  Yet most manufacturers fit their harnesses in a similar fashion, with a few sizes available, modelled on the average.

To combat this problem, the ONE PLANET EXACT FIT harness is now available in up to eight fits, with four male and four female fits available in three back lengths. The women’s harnesses feature specially sculpted hipbelts and shoulder straps to better match the female form. So whether you’re shaped like Elle Macpherson or your mum, with a ONE PLANET rucksack you’ll get a comfortable fit.

All ONE PLANET dealers are trained in measuring and fitting our harness systems, enabling an EXACT FIT. We can even mix-and-match harness components to get it right. It’s just another benefit of making our gear in Australia.

Back length

The length of your back needs to be matched by a pack with a suitable frame length. ONE PLANET packs with the EXACT FIT harness are available in three frame lengths: short, medium and long. As a general rule, most females have a short or medium back length, while most males have a medium or long back length. It can be difficult to measure your back length accurately: it is a good idea to visit a ONE PLANET dealer to obtain a perfect fit.

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Fitting an Exact Fit harness

Your local retailer can help determine your harness size and fit, or you can let us make the choice for you at our online shop.

Once you have taken delivery of your new ONE PLANET pack, follow the steps below to ensure the harness fits comfortably and performs well:

  1. Loosen the adjustment buckles on the EXACT FIT, top tension and shoulder straps, and then extend the shoulder straps up the frame as far as they will go. (See image below.)
  2. Place pack on your back and position the hipbelt around the hips so the lumbar pad sits neatly in the lumbar region. Tighten the hipbelt as if you where carrying a load.
  3. Lightly adjust the shoulder straps so the ‘magic seam’ is located 50 to 100 millimetres (approximately) from the shoulder ridge.
  4. Adjust the Exact Fit buckle to remove any gap between the shoulder strap and the shoulder.
 Be careful not to overadjust.

Check out the fitting video on our YouTube Channel.