Our other harness systems

Exact-Fit-Mid-detailThe Exact Fit Mid harness

The Exact Fit Mid harness was created to fill a need: the need for a comfortable mid-size pack harness. There are already comfortable harnesses designed for carrying heavy loads: the Exact Fit harness for one. This has been designed and tested, and can be customised, tweaked and fine-tuned until it fits you perfectly.

Mid-capacity packs are another story: if you’re only carrying 5 to 20 kg kilograms (so the thinking goes) you won’t really notice your harness. But the truth is, if you’re carrying 15 kilograms with an uncomfortable pack, your pack is about the only thing you will notice. Which is where the ONE PLANET  Exact Fit Mid harness comes in.

The Exact Fit Mid harness is a lighter version of the original, with both sharing a commitment to comfort shown by (among other things):

  • Beautifully conforming, well-padded shoulder straps and hipbelts
  • Load-transfer lumbar pad
  • Secure, reliable transfer of weight to the hips
  • Air mesh on contact areas

The Exact Fit Mid is available in three sizes: small for short people and women, medium for most and large for the giants amongst us. The fit is quick and easy to adjust, using Velcro on the pack stays rather than webbing on the harness. Interchangeable hipbelts and shoulder straps allow easy customisation so your pack fits your body, rather than the norm. (Beanpoles amongst us rejoice – you can now have a pack that is long enough, and a hipbelt that also fits!)

Ideal for carrying mid sized loads with all day comfort Exact Fit Mid can be found on the extrovert, tussock, canopy and Wing-it, as well as the Traverse , Vertex. and HR Grommet, To get your pack fitting perfectly, it’s best to visit the professionals at your nearest One Planet stockist.

Midi-harnessDaypack harness

Our daypacks are made with air mesh padded backs for comfort and wicking performance. The back is supported and padded with high quality foams. All ONE PLANET daypacks now have removable shoulder straps, allowing optional short or long straps to be fitted. The straps tuck neatly into a pocket on the back of the pack when not in use, and they can also be lengthened by up to 50 millimetres. This is a great innovation for the short and the tall: no more packs around your armpits or knees!

The compatible daypacks in our range are designed to be attached to our large packs as a front pocket or a front pack on the harness; great for quick access, increased capacity and security.


Midi Lite harness

The Midi Lite harness is used on the Endeavour travel pack and is capable of carrying loads of up to 20 kilograms in comfort. Air mesh is used on contact areas to aid ventilation and ensure that the load transfer is secure and reliable. The shoulder straps and hipbelt are made from dual-density foams using the same composition as in the Exact Fit harness, while the double-back buckles give the hipbelt a firm fit. This, combined with the well-padded lumbar pad, ensures the load is easily transferred to the body. The Midi Lite comes in three back lengths and harness fits, including a women’s version, with a harness specially designed to fold flat so it sits easily behind the harness cover.