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Our range of fleece clothing is designed for practicality, comfort and durability. We exclusively use Polartec® fleece. The Polartec® brand is the original technical fibre company and continually innovates and produces industry-leading technical fabrics.

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We currently use two types of Polartec® fleece in our range:

Polartec® Wind Pro®polartec-diagram

Polartec® Wind Pro® was developed to resist the effects of strong winds. By tightening the knit construction, Polartec created a new fabric composition that drastically reduced wind permeation. Wind Pro® gives the comfort, breathability and thermal insulation benefits of regular fleece with added performance abilities to defy the wind and repel all forms of moisture.

Polartec® Classic 100

Polartec® Classic fleece has a lofted fibre structure that creates thermal air pockets to prevent convective heat loss and regulate core warmth. This breakthrough design construction provides the highest warmth-to-weight ratio for insulating materials, while remaining highly weather resistant, durable and soft to the touch.


We believe YKK zippers are the best on the market, and use YKK across our entire product range.