Rucksacks – Repair and Service

Our service doesn’t stop when you buy the gear: we want to help you make the most of it! We’re not based in China; we’re here in Melbourne, which means we can service, clean and repair your precious One Planet products or provide advice to enable you to do many small things yourself. (Reasonable costs may apply: contact One Planet for details.) We take great pride in seeing our gear still in service after decades of use: whether your rucksack needs a bit of love, repairs, or spare parts we are very happy to help. We don’t want one of our wonderful rucksacks binned because a rat ate the hipbelt!


One Planet rucksacks are made using the best fabrics available for the purpose. However, it is not uncommon for damage to occur, particularly on the base of packs. Common causes of damage are sharp objects, constant rubbing whilst in vehicles travelling rough, and the perennial favourite: baggage handlers. This wear is accelerated if items with a hard edge (boxes, books – whatever) are packed against the base, creating a pronounced ridge for wear. One Planet packs use a fabric weave that does not permit small holes to unravel into bigger ones, so a small abrasion or hole may safely be ignored.

However, if you are concerned about a small hole, it can be easily repaired. Holes up to four centimetres in size can usually be repaired using the following methods. If it’s bigger than this, please call us to discuss sending your rucksack in for repair. Regardless of the method to be used, first thoroughly clean both the inside and outside of the fabric surrounding the area to be repaired.

Adhesive fabric

If you are in Australia, you can often find adhesive backed fabric at your lcoal outdoor store (including the ONE PLANET shop in Melbourne’s CBD). It won’t necessarily be the same colour as your rucksack, but it does need to be the same type of fabric so let us know the pack model and location of the hole.

  • Cut two patches of the adhesive-backed fabric so they are at least two centimetres larger than the area to be repaired.
  • Peel the backing off one patch and place it over the hole on the inside of the pack.
  • Peel the backing off the other patch and place the fabric over the hole on the outside of the pack.
  • Rub the two patches firmly for a minute or so. Easy!


  • Get a patch of fabric at least two centimetres larger than the area to be repaired. (Use whatever material is handy; ideally something durable but still supple.)
  • Spread Aquaseal liberally over the fabric patch, especially the edges.
  • Place the patch over the hole on the outside of the pack and apply firm pressure for a couple of minutes. (Remember to put something on the inside so the glue doesn’t stick to the opposite side of the pack!)
  • If your hole is larger than four centimetres square, use a patch on both the inside and outside of the pack, making sure the edges of the patch are sealed with adhesive.

For repairs in the field, a special glue called Aquaseal (available in hardware shops) will also do the job.


One Planet uses YKK and other brand name zips on all our packs as they are reliable and durable. YKK zip sliders are intentionally made from a soft alloy so the slider wears out before the zip teeth. Good news, as the slider is relatively easy to replace, while the teeth aren’t.

After extensive use, especially in dirty or dusty environments, the inner parts of the slider can be worn away so it cannot bring the teeth of the zip together effectively. To get the worn slider working until it can be replaced, use a pair of pliers to gently squeeze the slider sides together. (Don’t use too much force or you may jam it!) This gentle adjustment should allow the slider to bring the zip teeth together again.
Always try to keep the zip teeth as clean as possible. After cleaning your pack (see rucksacks – care), lubricate the zips with a silicon lubricant suitable for use on fabrics.

Replacing parts


Sending spare buckles to our customers is easy: all it takes is a stamp and an envelope. Determining which buckle to send is the hard part… We will need all the information available to help us to find the right buckle. Please provide your rucksack’s model, year and batch number (found on the white QA label inside the pack), as well as foolproof directions as to which buckle it is that needs replacing. Once we have the necessary information, you should have a replacement within a week.


The wheels on our Wheelies are tough and robust; however, strange things do happen… They can be fiddly to replace, so call One Planet to determine whether it is best to send the pack to us for repairs.

We can send wheels through the post (again, all it takes is an envelope…) but if it is not a warranty issue a reasonable cost will apply. Please call us to discuss.

Send it back…

There are some things for which DIY is inappropriate… If your pack needs major repairs, we recommend sending it back to us for some TLC. A list of pack calamities follows, but it is not exhaustive: we see some weird and wonderful damage sustained in creative ways! Send your pack back if:

  • The frame is breaking through the pack fabric
  • The shoulder straps or hipbelt are ripping off or damaged
  • The frame is broken
  • There are gaping holes in your pack
  • You have had a ‘fire incident’!
  • It’s incredibly grotty, dirty and needs some serious TLC and cleaning
  • The zip is completely broken

Please call us to discuss your pack’s predicament. (If not subject to warranty, a reasonable cost will apply.)

Ensure you download the Returns form and package with any item requiring repair or service.

Returns form