Sleeping Bags – Repair & Service

Our service doesn’t stop when you buy the bag: we want to help you make the most of it. We’re not based in China, we’re here in Melbourne, which means we can clean, repair and boost your One Planet bag if and when it needs it. (Reasonable costs apply: contact One Planet directly for further details.)

Your precious bag has been chewed, torn, broken or otherwise damaged? Send it back to us. (After all, we made it, we’ll know how to mend it!) And if, over the course of the decades, you need a warmer bag, we are happy to receive our bags back for a general down boost or more targeted treatment such as additional fill in the knees.


Sometimes rodents, flying sparks, pointy objects and other menaces can do horrible things to your sleeping bag. And the damage isn’t that easy to repair yourself, thanks to all that beautiful, floaty down just waiting to escape. The first priority is to prevent down loss: use a rubber band to stop the gap. Then return the bag to us and we’ll happily repair it for a reasonable cost. Contact One Planet for details.


One Planet use only YKK zips on all our sleeping bags as they are reliable and durable. YKK zip sliders are intentionally made from a soft alloy so the slider wears out before the zip teeth. Good news, as the slider is relatively easy to replace, while the teeth aren’t.

After extensive use, especially in dirty or dusty environments, the inner parts of the slider can be worn away so it cannot bring the teeth of the zip together effectively. To get the worn slider working until it can be replaced, use a pair of pliers to gently squeeze the slider sides together. (Don’t use too much force or you may jam it!) This gentle adjustment should allow the slider to bring the zip teeth together again.
Always try to keep the zip teeth as clean as possible. After cleaning your sleeping bag (see care instructions), lubricate the zips with a silicon lubricant suitable for use on fabrics.

Jammed zip

If your zip is really jammed, send it to us and we can attempt to fix it for you.

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