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Our custom equipment is designed to meet the needs of those working in extreme environments – adventurers, scientists, educators, leaders and rescue personnel – making their lives easier, safer and simpler. We can manufacture for companies of all sizes in all industries around the world.

ONE PLANET custom equipment is the result of a collaborative design process that aims to solve our customers’ problems. We design and manufacture the gear in our state-of-the-art Melbourne factory, using innovative techniques and the most suitable materials for the purpose.

Our Custom Equipment solutions are made with the same awesome construction techniques, specialised machinery, attention to detail and quality control that have made our outdoor gear famous worldwide.

We’ve got a story or two to tell, giving an insight into the gear we can make, where we’ve come from and how it happens.

If you’d like a custom equipment solution, read on and then: let’s chat.

Innovation is born of necessity

What we do

High Visibility Search and Rescue

Sometimes you need to be seen to be safe. This is never more important than during Search and Rescue operations. Whatever your work, in whatever conditions – on the ground, airborne, for one day or multiple – good gear is essential for safe, positive outcomes. We offer made-to-order solutions for when you need them most.

ONE PLANET high-visibility custom equipment is made for industries from aviation to exploration, including ALPINE SAR, SES, Parks, DEWLP, SKI PATROL, SURF LIFE SAVING, outdoor education and outdoor tourism. Our range includes rucksacks (large, medium and small), communication harnesses, emergency bothy bags, trauma tents and more.

Make it safe

SES Tarkine

Radio holder

Search and rescue pack

Niche problem solving

ONE PLANET specialises in designing rucksacks, shelters, sleeping bags and apparel for the outdoors. Our gear is used by professionals day-in and day-out, in even the smallest niches. You’ll spot our gear on Australia Post posties in cities and hilly suburbs, Personal Protective Equipment for both medicos and outdoor types, oxygen tank backpacks for search and rescue, and all manner of other stuff sacks, pack-it pods, gear organisers and handy thingamabobs. We appreciate the difference made by little details, and incorporate an abundance of them into our Custom Equipment solutions to make the best gear possible for your niche need.

Niche equipment

Polar equipment

In the early 2000s we began working with the Australian Antarctic Division to design a better safe haven, a shelter for months of work in remote field camps. These tents would experience the full gamut of Antarctic weather conditions: the relentless wind, the burying snow, the harsh sunlight and bitter cold.

We’ve been making these tents (and more) ever since. Over the years requirements have changed and our designs have been refined, then expanded into a world-class polar range: Multiple nations now use ONE PLANET polar tents for field and station work in the Antarctic and Arctic (Australian Antarctic division, Argentina Antarctic program, German Antarctic program, Korean Polar Division, New Zealand Antarctic divisions, Swiss federal research and more…) It’s not just tents either: we make sleeping bags, rucksacks, clothing and a range of survival equipment for conditions in the toughest environment on earth.

Polar Pyramid

polar dome survival tent

Polar Pyramid Antarctica

Outdoor Education Gear

Outdoor Education is where the specialists gather: the teachers, instructors, adventurers and teenagers. (And quite often the latter become the former.) We’re proud to work with Outdoor Education programs across Australia and New Zealand, designing and supplying specialist equipment and providing support for our gear. We developed our first Outdoor Education tent forever ago, in another time and a different millennia, for a school with an intensive program.

Back then it was hard to find a suitable tent: one that was simple for kids to pitch, rugged and reliable, and light enough to be carried by students. Today that tent has been developed and refined into a selection of shelters that are the workhorses (or work tents) of our range. We’ve also developed custom flies, footprints and tents for a variety of programs and institutions across Australia.

Outdoor education

education equipment 2022

Long ago, before the millennium bug, an outdoor educators’ biggest fear was the teetering pile in the gear shed. They lay awake at night wondering which pack was which size, and how did those buckles really work? Their biggest dream was of a rucksack that was both comfortable and sturdy enough to use for 250 days, year in and year out.

ONE PLANET began to develop solutions. Brilliantly tough and reliable gear that simplified the gear shed (and fitting day). Rucksacks are colour-coded for easy size identification, use interchangeable buckles, with designs that are tailored to group needs (think about carrying poo tubes, woks and water). We’ve been servicing those bags and refining the designs for more than 20 years, tweaking, adjusting and improving. (Innovation never stops.)

Make it good

Education equipment

Our Outdoor Education range has expanded from these beginnings, with each addition making students more comfortable and solving complex problems in the gear shed and in the bush. We now have more than a dozen tent models and a plethora of different Outdoor Education rucksacks, as well as amazing clothing, boots and sleeping bags.

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Outdoor Tourism

Custom solutions are as varied and diverse as the people using them. We can build gear from the ground up to suit your needs, designing effective, reliable solutions that work. Whatever you imagine, we’ve probably made it, from extra wide sleeping bags to outdoor kitchens and rubbish bags that attach to rucksacks, or made-to-size tarps, bathtub footprints and stuff sacks.

If you love our gear but need it to suit your company’s look and feel, we can customise our existing range to ‘make it yours’. Whether you want to change the colours, the materials from Waterloc canvas to Cordura nylon, or add extra pockets on your custom rainwear, we can help. We can even add labelling and embroidery so you know who’s who.
We’ve been supporting the outdoor industry for decades and we’re here to help!

Make it yours

Tourism SES

Tourism equipment


How it works

At ONE PLANET we love inklings, feedback, little concepts and big ideas. When a lightbulb flickers on in your mind and you’re thinking about a better way of doing things – let’s chat!

We’re specialists in our field and can help turn your concept into a design, and then a finished product. ONE PLANET’s Melbourne factory is our hub: it’s a design and testing space with a wide range of materials, components, and specialised equipment, as well as the decades of product design experience needed to bring it together.

The first step is yours: consolidating your idea. What do you need; how will it function; are their similar products out there? Give it some thought, and then give us a call.

Equipment design

We’ll help refine your ideas, collaborating on the design and working through materials and componentry, pattern development and production requirements.

We help to sample and test, then refine and finalise.

And best of all, we also manufacture your equipment. Our experienced staff, incredible systems and quality control allows us to make the gear you want, then get it into the hands of those who need it most.

Equipment design prototyping


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