We’d love to help with servicing, repairing, washing or assessing your gear. Please complete the ONE PLANET returns form.

Upon completion, a returns form number will be issued, with a copy emailed to you and to the ONE PLANET Melbourne factory. You’ll then receive a second email detailing how to ideally return your equipment. If you are in New Zealand or outside Australia. Please contact us directly.

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Servicing and repairs

Please complete the form in full, take the time to clean and dry your gear, then identify the relevant area prior to returning. This will prevent errors and save time, helping to keep repair costs low and get your equipment (and everyone else’s) back faster.

  • All equipment must be returned clean and dry, with the relevant area identified with a rubber band or masking tape.
  • We only repair ONE PLANET® equipment.  For repairs in New Zealand and countries other than Australia, please contact us.
  • All assessments are made in person in our factory, and we cannot provide quotes for repairs before receiving the goods. If you don’t wish to proceed after we have assessed the product, we will happily return your gear.
  • Repairs and servicing generally take 15 working days from receipt of payment, prior to return shipping. Please allow ample time.

Returns or exchanges

We will happily accept an exchange or return for orders placed on as per our returns and exchanges conditions. Please note: for orders placed through a retailer, please contact the store where you purchased your gear directly.



Servicing and repairs

Return or exchange

Your products

Please complete the following, adding a new line for each new product.

Warranty assessment

Warranty assessment

We are happy to assess your gear under our warranty policy. Please provide the following information.

Maximum file size: 10MB

Maximum file size: 10MB

An image showing the area of interest in detail

Maximum file size: 10MB

An image showing the area of interest and its location in relation to other parts of the product.
In accordance with the ACCC guidelines, the decision to warrant, repair or replace is at our discretion based on our professional assessment of the product and the original guarantees or warranty. Providing all the requested information assists us greatly in evaluation. For items not assessed as warranty, we’re happy to repair and service (reasonable cost apply).

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