Clothing / Rainwear

Care – Synapse garments

One Planet Rainwear is made from Synapse waterproof/breathable fabric. This material can handle extended use in the field. Proper care will ensure continued durability and good performance. (Care instructions are sewn into the lefthand pocket of jackets and the waist band of the Overpants.)

We recommend using Nixwax Tech Wash to clean your Synapse garments and Nixwax TX Direct Wash-In for reapplying the DWR (durable water repellency) finish.

Washing instructions

Use a front-loading washing machine. First, clean out any soap residue from the detergent dispenser, then add Tech Wash as per instructions on the bottle. Fasten garment closures before putting it in the machine.

Choose a warm wash (30°C) with slow spin cycle, and rinse garment twice.

Reapplication of DWR

After washing, the garment does not need to dry before the DWR is reapplied. Clean the detergent dispenser and add TX Direct Wash-In as per instructions on the bottle. Run the machine on warm wash (30°C) with an extra rinse, then tumble-dry on low.

Nikwax has a helpful video here: